Using Creatubbles

Getting started

Learn how to sign up and explore content on Creatubbles

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Exploring Creatubbles

See what people around the world create and find inspiration for your own creations!

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Creatubbles in the classroom

Use Creatubbles to let your students explore and share creations with the world

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Working with creations

Use the + icon to add your creations. Learn how to upload and edit your creations

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Find inspiration to create through the many inspiring creations on Creatubbles!

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Your account(s)

Find out how to reset your password, manage your profile and much more

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Galleries are used to collect creations in meaningful "buckets".

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About Creatubbles

Creatubbles is the place for creators of all ages to share their creations

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Apps and collaborators

Creatubbles app

The Creatubbles app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Minecraft Mod

Learn the how-to's of the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod

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