Delete account(s)

Delete creator account(s) that you manage

You can delete your managing creators account(s) from on your web browser. 

1. Open on your web browser and click "Manage Creators" from the three dots menu button at the top right corner.

2. You will see the creators that you manage. Click on the pencil edit icon of the creator account you wish to delete.

3. Scroll down to click on the pencil icon of "Delete this creator account".

4. Make sure that you read the explanations of what deleting an account means, and if you still wish to delete the account, click the link "Delete this creator anyway".

5. You will find the final confirmation pop-up. Click "Confirm" to delete the account.

Delete account that is over 13 years

Deleting the over-13 years account associated with an email address cannot be done on your own. Please contact us at to request the account deletion.