Classroom ideas

Creatubbles is used in many schools and homes around the world. And there are many unique ways that teachers, parents and creators are using Creatubbles. We have collected some ideas to help you get started with Creatubbles.

As a digital portfolio

On Creatubbles, you can save and manage creations using Galleries. It can be the digital portfolio of the creator, the teacher, or the school. 

Mrs. Zambon from Italy is creating a gallery for each project that she does at school. For example, below is a part of a fun project "Our first robot".

She explains the background of the project in the Description section of the Gallery.

Another must-see page is of the teacher  AmyD

Language class

Whether it is your mother tongue or the second / third language, practicing the language is most important in learning a language. Expressing what you feel or think using your own words is an important step in improving your language skill.

For example, in this project  A14 - Right to think and believe, have conscience and own religion the students express the "rights" that they think is important. 

Many of them have their speech recording with the visual creation, using Adobe Spark.

On Creatubbles, we also have the feature to show the creation title in your own language. You can easily see the translation by clicking the blue bubble next to the title. Please read the details in the article Search

Art class

When your students create wonderful creations, they want to be seen!
By uploading to Creatubbles, creations will be seen by many people around the world. Also, you will be able to find them at a later time wherever you have the internet connection.

Here are some art works that we picked up:

Welcome 41 is a gallery by a teacher in Canada. It is a collaborative mural-making project designed to welcome and celebrate athletes, visitors and communities from the 41 nations participating in the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games.

Primary Art is the gallery by a teacher in the United Kingdom. You will find parts of the creations that students 8-12y created in multiple schools.

4th Grade Art is the gallery by a teacher in the United States. All of the art class works by 4th graders are in this gallery.

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Math class

There are many unique math projects on Creatubbles from teachers around the world. 

This  Mandala gallery is by Maestra Emilia in Italy. Lots of cool mandala creations by students using apps.

Also, there are many amazing Kandinsky reproductions featured on Creatubbles.

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Science class

There are lots of unique science classes around the world!

In the  Science Exhibition gallery by Ch. Kashif Nadeem in Pakistan, creations at a science exhibition are uploaded, motivating the students towards science and technology.

A Japanese teacher  yoshikin's science magic @2017 gallery has many videos that students created showcasing their lab experiments.

The  I am a scientist gallery by the teacher Hossainy in Egypt is definitely worth checking - the portrait of 84 scientists!

Profra Abigail in Mexico created this gallery Chemistry experiments first period where a variety of chemistry creations from students, including models of an atom and Dalton Atomic Theory can be found.

Computer science class

There are many ways to use Creatubbles to help students get interested in computer science, no matter how versed they are in computers and digital technologies. Here are some examples. For example, students can use the   Scratch to learn code to create their own short videos and quizzes. They can explore Creatubbles for other neat coding ideas that interest them, and reach out to the creator for insights on how to create similar coding creations.


Learn code to create your own short videos and quizzes!
If the creations are public on Scratch, you will be able to share it on Creatubbles using the URL. Please find details in the article Upload a creation.


Using the  Creatubbles Minecraft MOD, you can easily upload the screenshot or screen video from Minecraft. You can also insert real creations on Creatubbles to the world of Minecraft!
There are lots of Minecraft creations on Creatubbles - definitely worth checking out!

For the details of the Creatubbles Minecraft MOD, please read the article Creatubbles Minecraft MOD

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