How can I use Creatubbles beyond my classroom?

Your Creatubbles experience doesn’t have to end in the classroom. You can: 

  • Take part in one of the global initiatives on Creatubbles such as the Global Minecraft Challenge.
  • Create a global initiative that students and creators all over the globe can join. We’ll create a page for your initiative that allows creators, worldwide, to upload their creations into your gallery. 
  • Create a digital event or hands-on workshop. Participants can then upload their creations from the workshop onto a dedicated Creatubbles gallery. Take a look at renowned artist and teacher, Hanoch Piven's Faces iMake webinar recap.
  • Feature Creatubbles on your blog or website. 

Contact the Creatubbles team with any ideas or suggestions you have on how to further Creatubbles’ mission at