There are many creations and galleries on Creatubbles from around the world. Search what you are interested in and discover your favorite creations and new ideas!

In this article, you will find how search works on Creatubbles.

Creatubbles is used in over 50 countries. Children can widen their view and be inspired by amazing creations from around the world! 

We also believe that it is very important for all children to be able to share their work with confidence, without hesitation, in their own language. This is why we have a search system where language does not become a barrier.

How the multi language search works

When you search in a particular language, you will find creations that have titles also in different languages.
For example, this is the screen you find when you search "lion" on Creatubbles today.

The blue bubble next to some of the titles show which language the title is in. You see Netherlandic (nl), Japanese (ja), and Italian (it) bubbles with other English titles.

When you click on the blue bubble, you will see the translation of the title in the language you set.

You can filter your search result using the four icons under the search bar.

By clicking one of these icons, you can filter to show only creations, only galleries / challenges, or only users with the keyword that you type in.

Search from smartphone apps

1. Tap the "Search" icon at the bottom of the screen and type in the keyword you want to search for.

2. For example, if you type in "Minecraft" you will find the result of Minecraft related creations / challenges / galleries / users in several different languages.

3. You can filter the search result using the icons below the search bar. From the left, these are "All", "Creations", "Challenges / Galleries", "Users".

4. Open a creation you want to see in detail and add bubbles / comments!

Search from categories on Smartphone apps

1. Tap the "Search" icon at the bottom of the screen. You will find popular search categories when tapping the search bar. 

2. For example, if you select "Origami"...

3. You will find the result related to Origami!

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