Safety on Creatubbles

Safety on the internet is critically important, especially for children. 

This is why safety is one of our topmost priorities, and we strive to create and maintain the environment for all children to be able to safely and securely share creations and through which connect with creators around the world.

Safe environment on Creatubbles

  • Accounts belonging to children under 13 are connected to and managed by at least one adult account 
    • You can find the details in About manager account article .
  • All uploads are reviewed and approved by Creatubbles before being made publicly visible, in order to avoid recognizable faces and/or inappropriate contents getting published
    • You can find the details in Reasons for disapproved creations article
  • Accurate software monitors and filters profanities across 15 languages in real time, avoiding comments with profanities to be sent out
  • All comments are reviewed and approved by Creatubbles or adult manager accounts before being made publicly visible

For a full description of what we do to keep Creatubbles safe, see our On Creatubbles Safety and Security page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at