Creatubbles copyright in "plain English"

Note: The following is highlight excerpts from our Terms and Conditions. This is not intended as a substitute for the actual terms and conditions. Please read the full Terms and Conditions to confirm the full terms.

Creations on Creatubbles are images of artistic works, such as paintings, drawings, collages or sculptures, created by the creator. The original owner of an uploaded creation owns the copyright to that creation.

Creatubbles does not allow anything other than user generated creations to be uploaded onto the platform. In addition, creations may never include “prohibited content.” Prohibited content is anything that:

  • is a copyrighted, trademarked or other legally protected image or item;
  • otherwise infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any party;
  • violates any person’s privacy, publicity, moral or other personal rights;
  • violates any laws or regulations;
  • are socially offensive, anti-social, morally or otherwise offensive to us or to the service community;
  • is being posted as a creation for any commercial purpose or for any purpose that goes against the spirit of our service (as generally set out in our manifesto or any guidelines that we post; and/or otherwise violates the Terms of this Agreement.
  • If Creatubbles determines that a creation includes any prohibited content, we may choose to immediately remove the applicable creation and/or terminate the applicable account.