How can I tag my creations?

The tag feature makes it easy to categorize and search for your creations. To tag a new creation, simply:

● Upload a new creation onto Creatubbles.

● On the uploader screen, click on the edit pencil under the TAGS section.

● Type in any tags that describe your creation. For example, “flower,” “pot,” “lighting,” and “leaf” might be used to describe a photograph of a flower pot.

If you have shared a creation without adding any tags, Creatubbles will automatically assign them. For example, if you upload a creation of the seashore, some automatic tags may include “ocean,” “cloud,” “wave,” “horizon,” and “reflection.”

You can always edit tags for previously uploaded creations. To add or delete a tag:

● Click on the edit pencil on your creation.

● Next, choose the edit pencil in the TAGS section.

● Now, you can type in a new tag and press the + or click on the trash can icon to delete a respective tag.

If you have any questions about adding or deleting tags, please contact us at