Set up account information for managing creators

On Creatubbles, children of any age can have their own accounts. Each child can set his/her own username, nick name, age, etc.

In this article, you will find the following instructions: how to set up or change account information for creators you are managing.
*This can be only done via computer.

Nick name, country, birthday, profile icon and background can be changed via smartphone app. Please find details in the article Personalize my profile

About the password set-up / change, please refer to the article  Set up / change password for managing creators

Set-up / change the account information of a managing creator

1. Login to your manager account on and click "Manage creators" from the Menu icon dropdown. 

2. Click on the edit icon of the creator you want to setup / change the account information for.

3. Select the edit icon next to the item that you would like to set-up / make change to.
*There is no need to set up an email address for accounts already connected to an adult manager account.

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