Set up / change password for managing creators

It is not easy to remember the login ID or password for children. At the same time, setting and managing a secure password is important in learning digital literacy.

On Creatubbles, it is no problem if your child forgets the password. The password of your managing creators can be reset or changed easily from the manager account.

In this article, you will find the instruction on how to reset the password of your managing creators.
*This can be done only from the computer browsers.

There are two ways to manage the password of your creators. One is to manage individually. Another is to reset the password for all of your creators at once.

For the instructions on how to reset a password for the accounts of people who are 13 years or older with an email address, please check the article Reset my password

Set-up / change password of the managing creator individually

1. Login to your manager account on and click "Manage creators" from the Menu icon dropdown. 

2. Click on the edit icon of the creator you want to setup / change the password for.

3. Click on the edit icon of the "Password" section.

4. Input the password you want to set-up / change, and click "Save" to complete!

You can also check out the short tutorial video for how to change a creator password:

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