Add a co-manager to a managing creator

A children's creator account can be co-managed by multiple managing accounts.

In this article, you will find the instruction on how to invite a co-manager to a managing creator. 
*This can be done only on computer browsers.

Please read Manager account for the details of the manager account.
Please read Creator - manager relationship to understand how the managing creator works.

Invite a co-manager

1. Login to your manager account on and click "Manage creators" from the Menu icon dropdown. 

2. Click on the edit icon of the creator you want to add the co-manager to.

3. Click "Managers" from the left side menu and add the email address of the adult who you want to invite as a co-manager of the creator.
*In case the inviting co-manager already has an account on Creatubbles, please be sure to use the email address that is used for the account.

4. The invitation will be sent to the email address.

If the email address owner does not yet have a Creatubbles account, he/she would be able to create an account from the URL in the email invitation.

If the email address owner already has a Creatubbles account, she/he now becomes the co-manager of this creator and the creator will appear in the "connection" tab of her/his profile.

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