About Creatubbles

Creatubbles™️ is a social platform where you can share your original creations. It is used at schools, homes, makerspaces and workshops in over 50 countries. There are two major characteristics that differentiates Creatubbles from other social media:

  1. The contents on Creatubbles is the original creations only. For safety reasons, photographs or images of faces or other content that can identify a specific person cannot be uploaded. As long as it is your own creation, you can upload pretty much anything from painting or music to a programming code! Please find the details in Upload Guidelines.
  2. Anyone of any age can have their own account. Since we do not have the age requirement, we are especially careful to create a safe environment for children to use. Please find the details in Safety and Security.

There are 3 account types on Creatubbles.

  1. Creator. Anyone of any age can become a creator.
  2. Parent. Users 18 and above can become a parent.
  3. Teacher. Users 18 and above can become a teacher. If you are a teacher, please create an account from this link

All accounts under 13 years need to be connected to and managed by at least one adult (18 and above) account. We call the adult account that connects to the child account the "manager account". ( Related article: About manager account)

Whether you are a teacher, parent or creator, there is no difference in the features that you have access to as long as you are over 18. If you are over 18, you are able to become the manager of under 13 years creators. If you wish to change your account type, please contact us at support@creatubbles.com

To understand more about the relationship between the 3 account types, please read Creator - manager relationship.

There are 3 main things you can do on Creatubbles.

  1. Upload creations. All creations uploaded to Creatubbles are reviewed and approved by Creatubbles before being made publicly visible. (Related article: Upload a creation
  2. Add bubbles. You can add colorful bubbles to the creations on Creatubbles. By clicking the bubble, you are able to find who the bubble is coming from, access the bubbler's profile and check out the creations of the bubbler. Find creations you like and start bubbling to express your love!  ( Related article: Add bubbles)
  3. Add comments. You can send positive comments to creations. The comments are checked in two stages. First, an accurate software monitors and filters profanities across 15 languages in real time. Second, all comments are reviewed and approved by Creatubbles or the adult manager accounts before being made publicly visible. ( Related article: Add comments)

Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@creatubbles.com.