Upload a creation

On Creatubbles, you can upload your original creations like images, videos, music, code, and even Minecraft - anything as long as it is your original creation. Upload your creation and share with creators around the world!

In this article, you will find instructions on how to upload. If you are uploading a creation from Scratch, SoundCloud, YouTube or others that can be shared via URL, please take a look at the short tutorial video of Add a creation by URL at the bottom of this article.

Upload a creation from a smartphone app

1. Open the app and tap "Add Creation" button

2. Select "Add a creation"

3. If you are uploading by taking a photo or video, tap the button in the middle to take a photo. You can also take a video by long-tapping the button.
If you want to upload an image that you took on the device already, select the bottom left button to open the camera roll (gallery) of your phone. You can control flash using the bottom right button.

4. Tap the green arrow to proceed uploading with the photo / video that you took. Tap the upper left "back" icon if you want to retake your photo / video.

5. If necessary, you can edit the image by tapping the "Edit" icon on the image. Here you can also change the angle of the image, change the color, crop the image or add smudge.

6. Add the title, descriptions and tap "Add creation" button to complete the upload

7. The creation will be public as soon as it is approved by the Creatubbles team

Upload a creation from a computer web browser

You can also upload from your computer web browser. Below you will find the videos on how to upload on the computer in different ways:

If you have any questions, please send us a note to support@creatubbles.com.