Reasons for rejected creations

At Creatubbles, we are creating an environment where all people can feel safe. As a result, we check all of the uploaded contents and only the approved creations will be public on Creatubbles.

Your creation may be rejected because it:

  • Contains an image of a full or partial human face that is likely to be identifiable as a specific person
  • Is not an original creation
  • Contains personally identifiable information
  • Harms or lacks consideration for the well-being of others
  • Is out of focus
  • Is otherwise unacceptable

If there is a face or personal information inside of the creation, you will be able to edit the creation to crop or add smudge. When you save, the creation will automatically be checked to be approved again.

For the details on how to edit a creation, please check Edit / delete a creation.

For the safety of Creatubbles, please check Safety and Security.
You may also want to check Upload Guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact us at