Remove creation from a gallery

If you added a creation to the wrong gallery, do not worry. You can remove it from a gallery but keep it on your profile.
If you delete the creation, it will be removed from both the gallary and your profile along with the bubbles and comments, so please think twice before deleting!

In this article, you will find the instructions on how to remove a creation from a gallery.
*You can remove only your own creations or your managing creator's creations.

Remove a creation from a certain Gallery on smartphone app:

1. Open the creation you want to remove from a Gallery and tap on the edit icon.

2. Scroll down to find "Add to Galleries?". Tap on the Gallery icon that you want to remove from.

3. The pop-up confirmation will appear. Select "REMOVE" to remove from the Gallery. 

4. Make sure to "Save" to complete the change.

Remove a creation from a certain Gallery on your computer web browser

1. Open the creation that you want to remove from the Gallery and tap the edit icon.

2. Click the edit icon of the "GALLERIES"

3. The Gallery or Galleries that the creation was submitted too will appear highlighted blue. Click on the Gallery that you want to remove from to remove the blue highlight and click the yellow checkmark icon to save.

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